Healing is Wholeness

Learn Holistic Healing & become a Sacred Entrepreneur.

Holistic Healing

How do you heal yourself?

The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. This energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our ‘state of being’ in each moment and it changes constantly.

How can you read your Body?

Reading someone’s body is both a science and an art, but with a trained eye and practise, anyone can learn the magic of mind-body communication and experience the amazing effects of psychosomatic healing.

What's your ailments telling?

  The purpose of this glossary is to open your mind to the non-physical causes of body imbalance. It is intended to extend your understanding of the mind-body connection and push you to see beyond your physical state of being.

What makes us whole?

The ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness. In achieving wholeness, we must consider all aspects of our lives including:

  1. Respecting our body
  2. Healing our relationships
  3. Caring for our environment
  4. Showing love for all humankind
  5. Living our life purpose 

So what is holistic healing?

Lets start with the obvious… or not so obvious.

The Basics – What is health?

The state of ‘health’ implies that all natural processes that support life are functioning at an optimal level in their intended alignment.

There are three general types of ‘health’ – physical health, mental health and spiritual health. We usually treat each one separately as though they are not related. We might see a psychologist for mental health, a doctor for our physical health and a healer for our spiritual health.

But is it really possible to separate physical health from mental health from spiritual health? Can we maintain our physical health in the absence of mental health?

At any given time, we each sit somewhere along the spectrum of physical, mental and spiritual health; but don’t they all mean the same thing?

It is only when we view ourselves from a holistic perspective that we realise that health is really an overall state of being.

We are either in balance or out of balance, aligned or misaligned, integrated or disintegrated, and that’s what makes us feel well or unwell. Too simple to be true? Perhaps not. The body, mind and soul work as a system with each part contributing equally to whole person. When in flow, this system facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, this natural flow is interrupted as energy accumulates and stagnation of energy occurs.

The Definition : What is Holistic Healing?

Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning.

Holistic healing works when we we approach life from all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Every organ in our bodies has a natural or ‘healthy’ state of functioning as do our emotional, mental and spiritual states. When we are out of balance, we feel like something is out of place – whether it comes in the form of emotional or physical pain or discomfort – and we naturally want to return to our natural state of harmony, when everything ‘works’ as intended. This process of rebalancing is synonymous with healing.

Holistic healing bypasses the ‘band-aid fix’ approach of conventional medicine, looks beyond a person’s physical state and sees the holistic view of their state of being or functioning. It acknowledges that the root cause of a physical illness may in fact be non-physical.

When we heal holistically, we address imbalances on all levels, rather than one or two, and so it becomes a life-long process in achieving overall life balance. The ultimate goal of aligning the body, mind and soul promises a happier, healthier, more balanced state of being.

The Path

Be ready to heal

Healing is essentially about change.

Change has to occur on all levels of our being in order to be considered a holistic healing process. Healing requires lasting physical changes, lifestyle changes, changes in our beliefs and attitudes and changes and changes in our awareness.

Have you ever wondered what makes some people so brilliant at ‘change’?

Change is a process born from desire. Desire is more than just wanting something. A true desire is fuelled by passion and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone to get what you want.

When you desire something it’s important to know why. In this case, be honest, why do you want to be healed?  Some people want to be physically healed because they feel guilty for burdening others, or to cover up the true feelings behind their illness. There are two things to remember about desire:

  1. Your desire needs to be your own, of your own volition, for yourself, regardless of anybody else’s presence or influence in your life
  2. You need to feel good about your desire. If it’s born from guilt or you judge it to be bad in some way, it will not feel good and you will not get a good result.

Based on your desire, you make a choice to pursue the desire or not. If your desire is pure and fuelled by passion, not fear, you will find the choice to proceed is simple. If you have trouble making a choice, take a harder look at your desire for change.

How do I know if I am ready?

You know you need to change your beliefs and attitudes.

You are willing to change specific behaviours that do not uphold an optimal state of health.

You are prepared to change how you handle your feelings.

You know you have the power to heal yourself. You are prepared to use the power of your soul to create your health.

You have refocused your life and lifestyle towards health and healing.

You see your state of health as an opportunity for growth and learning. You accept that it was necessary to bring your attention to aspects of yourself that require holistic healing.

You are willing to find the root cause of your physical condition by exploring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

I wish to become a Holistic Healer

Quantam Healing

How does healing work at the cellular level?

Every feeling, every emotion and every thought creates a change in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. And it is these quantum changes that create our state of health. Quantum healing explains why everybody has the ability to change the condition of their physical body regardless of age, health status or body type.

The magic of quantum healing (also called cellular healing) is based on one fundamental concept:

Where thought goes, energy flows.

Our body shape and functioning changes throughout our whole lives. Why?

Thousands of cells are constantly being renewed within the body in the exact image of your emerging state of being. As we learn and develop throughout life, our cells reflect how we feel.

The cellular healing process is about creating harmony in body, mind and soul. If we feel good in our body, mind and soul, our cells have a healthy vibration and generate more cells of the same. If we don’t feel good, our cells have an unhealthy vibration and generate more of the same. If we continue to feel bad, illness develops and persists. If we change our state to feeling good, the dis-ease cycle is interrupted and with time our body will return to its natural state of balance.

Lets look at a single cell in the body. It will replicate into millions of cells during its lifespan. If the cell is charged with positive energy, it will replicate identical cells. This process is called cellular healing. But if the cell is under-charged with negative energy, it replicates the same, ‘negatively charged’ cells. And so begins the dis-ease process.

Lets start at the ‘ground’ level

Why do cells become dis-eased?

Our bodies are created of physical matter and non-physical energy. Both chemical and life force energy pulsate throughout the body to keep us alive. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, its organs and its cells, we are healthy and full of vitality. This is the natural state of the human body.

As we venture through life, we meet with objects that cause resistance in our bodies. These ‘objects’ can be pollutants, people we don’t get along with, painful life events…anything that makes us feel uncomfortable on any level. Discomfort of any kind causes a disruption of the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Discomfort becomes resistance. Resistance is opposite to how we naturally wish to be: happy and healthy versus unhappy and unhealthy.

Our cells are constantly expanding and contracting. Their job is to turn matter into energy and energy into matter. When in balance, matter and energy are transformed in equilibrium. That is, matter is transformed into energy at roughly the same rate as it is produced and visa versa. When resistance occurs, it creates an imbalance in the transformation between matter and energy. Our cells are affected adversely by all inputs that are not in resonance with its natural state. What most people don’t realise is that how you feel has the most profound influence on your physical state

Cellular Memory

The human body was designed to ‘register’ each persons life experience in its flesh, in each and every cell. These experiences that are retained in the body become ‘cellular memory’ and influence our future actions and reactions. Cellular memory allows us to recall events that we would otherwise have forgotten in our long-term memory – our emotional history is recorded in our cells and it remains there until we release the associated emotional experience. The more emotional an experience is for us, the more likely we are to recall it because we become ’emotionally attached’ to that event. These emotionally-charged events are particularly powerful in effecting the body’s physical shape and functioning.

When persistent feelings become part of our cellular memory, they are ‘locked’ or stored in the body’s tissue. This is what causes physical pain when we put pressure on body tissue that contains these ‘memories’.

Thoughts that feel good are registered by the body and regenerate the cells with vitality and allow life force to flow freely. This regenerative process is the essence of quantum healing works.

On the flip side, negative thoughts are resisted by the body’s natural state and cause changes in cells, tissues and organs. Persistent negative thoughts create overwhelming resistance in the body and this resistance is reflected in the body in the form of fatigue, viruses and in extreme cases, cancer and other debilitating diseases.

As a result, positive thoughts increase blood flow throughout the body whilst negative thoughts decrease blood flow. Just like a river will flow freely until it is blocked, the body naturally pumps blood to all areas of the body unless there is resistance. This resistance causes decreased blood flow to the affected areas until the resistance is removed.

Quantum healing teaches us that where thought goes, energy flows. And this direction of energy through thought is exactly how the holistic healing process works in the body.

Creating Health and Wellness

How do I create holistic health?

You are the creator of your own health and wellness. You have ultimate reign over the state of your body, mind and soul.

There are many ways to create holistic health. Because there are so many factors that influence our state of health, it is an equation that will never be absolutely complete. It is a life-long journey to strive for better health and wellness.

The quest for health and wellness is an opportunity to get closer to having the easy-going, creative, happy life that we all want. But there’s a catch. In the process, you have to learn about yourself. And this is the precise reason why most people do not stay healthy or achieve holistic health.

Our goal is to consciously create health rather than unconsciously create dis-ease.

So what is the creation of health and wellness really about?

We create dis-ease in order to learn about ourselves, aspects of ourselves that need to be brought into alignment with who we are. It is a conscious or unconscious choice between truth and denial.

Truth Versus Denial – Why do people get ill?

Self-discovery, self-insight, self-knowledge, facing your fears, facing yourself, is confronting. So confronting for some that they decide to choose another path altogether: denial. Denial of themselves, denial of their beauty, denial of their potential and denial that there is anything wrong in their lives! And it is that simple. Each of us has a choice between facing the fear and denying it. Facing the fear is scary but it is ultimately liberating. Denial is easy but ultimately self-destructive.

Facing your fears is meant to be challenging but the rewards are greater and long-lasting. Facing your fears is an inevitable speed bump on the road to health and wellness and rest assured, everybody has them.

Fear has to hide somewhere, and it is usually guarded by our beliefs…

The Power of Belief – How do my beliefs impact my health?

Without consciously knowing them all, we each have a bunch of beliefs about ourselves and of course, life in general. These beliefs lie at the core of our being to form our belief system and from ‘behind the scenes’ they govern our behaviour and steer our direction through life. They form the foundation of our approach to health and wellness.

Everyone – without exception – has beliefs about core life concepts such as love, value, power and worthiness.

They usually go something like:

I am worthy or I am unworthy

I am powerful or I am powerless

I am valuable or I have no value

I am loveable or I am not loveable

If we only knew the power of these beliefs and the effect they have on our health and wellness, we would certainly pay them more attention.

So how is a belief created?

Beliefs – unless they are inherited beliefs from our upbringing which we have never questioned – are usually born from a single thought…a thought which gradually gains power and momentum as it reinforced over time. It begins with an incidental thought.

From thought to belief, this process gathers momentum and has an increasing effect on the body, with the belief having the greatest impact on the body’s chemistry. This is because…

When beliefs and feelings join to forge e-motions, they become powerful energy in motion.

This powerful energy is what fuels the creative process of health and wellness

How do you process life?

Step 1: Life & How We Experience It

Life Situation:

“I got fired from my job”

If we experience an event to be bad, we create dis-ease within ourselves. Your new life experiences become tainted by old life experiences.

Step 2: Attachment


“I feel useless. I don’t ever want to feel this way again.”

The avoidance or resistance to the feeling creates further disharmony, and strengthens the initial feeling of sadness.

Step 3: Judgment to Illusion


“I should never have taken that promotion because I knew I wasn’t good enough. I should have known better.”

All judgments we have about ourselves are illusions – they are based on perceiving an event in a way that dis-empowers us. 

Step 4: Illusion to Belief


“I can’t trust myself to make the right decisions. I am useless.”

And the process snowballs…a repeated powerful thought becomes a belief and that belief becomes a way of being. 

Step 5: Disharmony

A flawed belief which does not reflect who you truly are interrupts your natural state of health and wellness and causes disharmony on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This disharmony causes resistance in the natural flow of energy throughout your being and as a result, causes a weakness in your energy system.

Step 6: Dis-ease

The weakness in your energy system creates a dis-ease in your physical body and is brought to your attention in the form of pain, tiredness or any sense of discomfort. This usually occurs when there has been other life events that have reinforced your negative belief.

Holistic Healing Strategies

What strategies will help me to heal?

Once you have the burning desire to heal your life, there are several holistic healing strategies that can help you along the way. They are:

  • Intention
  • Perspective
  • Commitment
  • Knowledge
  • Assistance
  • Physical Attunement
  • And Joy!

Intention – How will you approach your healing process?

Intention is the critical beginning of the holistic healing journey. It is your state of mind formed around a purpose, a singleness of mind that focuses your energy towards a particular outcome. Be clear and honest with yourself about your thoughts and feelings behind your healing process…

  • What is it that you want to gain from your healing journey?
  • What outcome do you want?
  • How do you wish for the journey to unfold?
  • Are you prepared to confront all aspects of yourself that require healing?
  • Is there any reason you fear being healthy?

Make a personal invitation to healing: invite it into your life, be grateful for your health as though you are perfectly healthy. If any part of you feels that you do not deserve or cannot be healthy, you are resisting healing and all your efforts will be like pushing a boulder uphill.


  1. Write down your intentions before you begin in answer to the above questions.
  2. Visualise your healing process unfolding with ease and grace, in the way that your soul intended.
  3. If you discover any major barriers to your healing, seek help from a professional so you give yourself the best chance of success.

Perspective – How do you view your illness or physical condition?

See your physical situation as a gift; a gift of learning and new opportunities for the future. You can choose to see illness as a call to wholeness which is the true purpose of healing. Appreciate your condition for what it can give you – a happier and healthier future. To heal effectively, It is important that you accept the following universal truths:

  • You created your physical condition due to disharmony in some aspect/s of your state of being.
  • You are meant to be healthy and disease-free. The human body was designed to function perfectly, free of sickness.
  • Physical disease is an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself.
  • You have the power to restore your body to its intended healthy condition.

Move from fear of the dis-ease to positive anticipation about what it can teach you, the opportunity for growth and a happier and healthier future. Ask yourself ‘What can this dis-ease give me?’ and ‘How can it enrich my life?’


  1. Meditation helps to quiet the mind (that is, remove the clutter!) which makes it easier to see the bigger perspective.
  2. Affirmation of the above truths will help cement your positive outlook. For example, “I am grateful for this opportunity to heal an aspect of myself and achieve alignment of my body, mind and soul.”


Do you have the determination to reach your goal?

The holistic healing process requires core strength and determination to reach your goal. Often you will be taken on a tumultuous journey, exploring the deeply unpleasant recesses of yourself, in order to heal the wounds of your past. Absolute commitment to the end result is required to ‘weather the storm’ knowing that this is a necessary part of the healing process. How committed are you? Is there anything that can sway you from your goal?


  1. Focus on the end result of perfect health – it will propel you forward each day. Visualise your goal through meditation.
  2. Re-affirm your perspective through affirmations.
  3. Have a support person who can provide encouragement and strength when you need it.

Knowledge of the Healing Process – Do you have a solid understanding of what the healing process entails?It is essential to learn as much as possible about the holistic healing process by consulting experts and others who have been through a similar process. Case studies (people who’ve been there, done that and done it well) – whether you read about them or meet them personally – are a great inspiration and can help propel your own healing.


  1. Training courses can be a great way to build your knowledge bank on different approaches to health and healing.
  2. Books are an invaluable resource and they allow you to absorb information and learn at your own pace.
  3. Your personal networks (that is, the people you associate) can be a powerful tool for healing. Make sure you are mixing with people who have something positive to offer your healing process, whether it is emotional support, personal experience or professional expertise.

The Holistic Healing Process

What are the steps to achieving wholeness?

Any sort of dis-ease in your body can represent deeper emotional issues that are based on long-standing beliefs. Illnesses that are persistent, serious, life-threatening or have been present since birth usually represent a significant life challenge on the non-physical level also. These conditions in particular, require a holistic healing approach. 

For example : In cases of life-threatening illness, your healing may require you to change core beliefs and you may find yourself asking some serious life-changing questions:

What do I have to live for?

Do I deserve to live?

What do I want to do with the rest of my life?

Illness is a lesson, a way of your soul communicating to you that you are out of alignment with what serves you.

There are so many perspectives on how to heal so how do you know which one is right for you? There is no written law on how to heal the right way or the best way. It ultimately comes down to how the individual person works; their individual physical, mental and spiritual make-up. However, there are some general concepts that are commonly used to assist healing.

On an emotional level, there are common ‘milestones’ that people experience in their holistic healing process. 

Stages of healing process

1. Clense

The cleansing stage is about creating a physical environment (starting with your body) that is conducive to healing on all levels. 

2. Psychodynamics

It includes the negative beliefs, old wounds, regrets and unresolved relationships which have contributed to our dis-ease process.

3. Release

The release process is the most cathartic experience of the healing process. It is when you release yourself and others from the pain of an experience through forgiveness.

4. Redefine

When you redefine yourself, you adopt a new, more positive image of yourself. Your negative beliefs are replaced with new ones that uplift your spirit and support who you truly are.

5. Integrate

Integration is about aligning the newly discovered and redefined aspects of yourself with the whole of your being. It is living and breathing the ‘new you’ as though you have stepped into a new body of total health.

How does body, mind and soul fit together?

Balancing Body

Return your body to its natural state.

Balancing Mind

Use the mind as a filter for the body and soul.

Balancing Soul

Do what you truly love

Goals for the BODY – What am I aiming for?

In order to balance the body, mind and soul, we need to focus on the body and what it needs to have a positive influence on our state of being. Goals for the body are:

  • Remove toxins from your body and your environment
  • Promote free flowing energy throughout your body
  • Follow your body’s natural rhythms

Purifying the Body – How do I balance the body?Universal Law of the Body:  Return your body to its natural state.The body has an important purpose in the body, mind and soul equation.The body was created as a vehicle for the soul to achieve growth and enlightenment in the physical world. Every-body’s purpose is different, therefore each body is designed to fulfil a specific purpose. We have different genetic traits, environmental influences and physical inclinations that together make our bodies and our physical experiences unique. If our bodies are not functioning properly, it is a sign that there is disharmony in our body, mind and soul.The way in which you treat your body can have a profound impact on your body, mind and soul balance. The body has its own natural rhythms that are designed to uphold its state of balance. This includes the natural cycles of sleep, diet and exercise.On this page you will find some general guidelines to promote body balance. Listen to your body to find out its unique requirements as every body has its differences. And remember to seek professional advice before applying any major lifestyle changes.Diet & Nutrition – How can I feed my body, mind and soul with food?It might surprise you to know that there is no universally applicable diet that every person should follow. Each body has its own constitution and its finely attuned state of functioning. However, there are some general principles that are designed to energise and purify the body of toxins that we ingest daily in food substances and liquids. Not only do we ingest toxins in disguise, it is also very common to be addicted to certain chemically addictive foods without realising. All these factors contribute to our overall body chemistry which is either acidic or alkaline. 


Diet Principles

  • Try to eat small portions regularly 
  • Conduct a detox regime of some sort on a regular basis 
  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Try not to drink any fluids with meals 

  • Sleep Principles
  • As a general rule, you should aim for 7 hours sleep a night.
  • Have a routine for sleeping hours and try to stick to it.
  • Avoid large meals just before bed. 

Exercise Principles

  • Vary the type of exercise so you exercise different muscle groups and the mind does not get bored.
  • Choose low impact activities. Strenuous exercise where your body feels strained is not necessary unless you are training for high-level fitness

Goals for the Mind – What am I aiming for?

In order to balance the body, mind and soul, we need to focus on the mind and what it needs to have a positive influence on our State of being. Goals for the mind are:

  • To develop your level of self-awareness of your personality
  • To focus your mind on subjects that benefit you
  • To learn to quieten the mind at will

Purifying the Mind – How do I balance my mind?

Universal Law of the Mind: 
Use the mind as a filter for the body and soul.

The mind is an integral part of the body, mind and soul system. Messages are sent from the body and the soul and received and interpreted by the mind. Therefore, the mind is the filtering mechanism between the body and the soul. As we progress and release the illusions we live by, our mind becomes a clearer and more finely tuned filter, which brings us closer to becoming who we really are.

And so becomes the challenge of our life experience: to master the mind. This is precisely why it is a life-long process. It is both our challenge and our purpose to use the mind to find balance in our body, mind and soul. You can learn to refine your filter and make your mind work for you (rather than against you!) in each waking moment by increasing your self-awareness and learning when to listen…

The Quiet Mind – What is a quiet mind?

If the mind is the filtering mechanism between the body and soul, then the filter will only filter properly if it is pure and free of debris. A proper filter will allow only what is needed to enter the space. Many thoughts we have are unproductive, based on illusion, habitual, scattered and unnecessary. When the mind is quiet, it is able to detect the subtle communication of the body, mind and soul. This is why we aim to quieten the mind.

Meditation is the long-established practise of calming the mind and focusing in the present moment. Its aim is to help us to find our inner silence, peace and relaxation through focusing our thoughts. With practise, meditation helps to bring the body, mind and soul into alignment and allows us to live in flow with ourselves and with life.

A common misperception of meditation is that it aims to clear the mind of thought altogether. This is actually impossible as the mind must focus on something. So the substance of meditation is really focused thought.

Journal writing is another good way to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. When we write our thoughts down on paper, they lose some power over us because they have been expressed. If you wish to truly let those thoughts go, you can symbolically burn your notes, even ceremoniously if you wish.

Self-Awareness – How often do you catch yourself being you?

Self-awareness can be described as self-surveillance of your personality, its traits, tendencies and tactics. It is the concept of emotional intelligence as it allows us to respond rather than react to life. Here’s how to use self-awareness to help balance your body, mind and soul…

The purpose of self-awareness is twofold: we need to know both our weaknesses and our strengths. Why? Because we can’t change what we don’t know. Once we know what we’re really like, good and bad, we can use our strengths to our advantage and use our weaknesses to our advantage.

So how do I use my weaknesses to my advantage?

A major benefit of self-awareness is the ability to catch yourself out when you are doing something that is not in your best interests. It’s so you can realise when you are getting yourself into trouble and do something about it.  Awareness is the first step to changing your life.

Be Self-aware

Learning about psychology in general and applying it to yourself.

  • Finding out more about your personality type by doing different personality tests.
  • Asking yourself poignant questions about your past, present and future.
  • Exposing yourself to challenging situations that are out of your comfort zone.
  • Sustaining meaningful, close relationships where both parties are honest with each other and dedicated to discovering themselves through each other.

Personality profiling is a great way to increase your self-awareness. 

  • Your strengths and weaknesses;
  • What is most important and drives you in life;
  • Triggers and signs of bad behaviour;
  • How you tend to relate to others;
  • How other people tend to perceive you;

The more awareness we have of ourselves, the better equipped we are to balance our body, mind and soul.

Focusing the Mind – What are you attracting into your life?

The Law of Attraction says ‘that which is likened unto itself is drawn’. In other words, it means that what we focus our time, thoughts and energy on we will receive in life, in one form or another.

The law of attraction brings our attention to the power of our state of being and how it can influence the course of our lives. When we become conscious of our thoughts, we become conscious creators.

Affirmations are based on the law of attraction. They are designed to focus our attention on what we want, not what we don’t have. They are a true expression of what we already have within us that takes us in the direction we wish to go.
Affirmations are only one example of the tools based on the law of attraction.

Goals for the SOUL – What am I aiming for?

In order to balance the body, mind and soul, we need to focus on the soul and what it needs to have a positive influence on our state of being. Goals for the soul are:

  • Develop your soul wisdom
  • Live your life with love not fear
  • Give service to humanity – “Pay it forward”

Purifying the Soul – How do I strengthen my soul connection?

Universal Law for the Soul: 
Do what you truly love

There is no scientific definition or explanation for the soul. We can only say that it has been known for the following:

  • Saving us from impending danger through intuition
  • Healing illness through ‘divine intervention’
  • Storing good and bad karma from all lifetimes
  • Giving us soul wisdom, making certain people appear more evolved or enlightened
  • Guiding us through life experiences that serve to teach us in some way

In Soul Mind Body Medicine, Dr Zing Gang Sha describes the characteristics of the soul and the role it plays in balancing the body, mind and soul:

  • The soul is an independent entity inside your body.
  • The soul has its own will, thoughts, and preferences.
  • The soul has emotions and feelings.
  • The soul has creativity.
  • The soul has flexibility.
  • The soul can communicate.
  • The soul possesses incredible wisdom.
  • The soul can heal.

Whether we have experienced these aspects of the soul or not, there are several ‘soulful concepts’ that can enrich our lives and accelerate our healing. This is what we call ‘food for the soul'.

Love versus Fear – Where are you coming from?

Living with love is the key to harmonising the body, mind and soul.

Love and its opposite of fear underpin our whole lives, every aspect of life and the meaning of life itself. Without getting philosophical, it’s important that you understand how it influences your body, mind and soul. The love versus fear concept is the perfect tool to guide your own healing.

Use your awareness of love and fear to guide your own behaviour. In any given situation you can ask ‘am I acting now out of love or fear?’ The more frequently you reorient your actions with love, the closer you will walk to the path to healing you body, mind and soul, not just your health but all aspects of your life. And the most important time to remember this is when we are being hard on ourselves. And here comes the second cliché… be kind to yourself, love yourself, and you will give the same gift to others!

Remember…Love melts all pain. Forgiveness brings peace.

Forgiveness – Do you know how to forgive?

To forgive is the ultimate gift of humanity. It is also one of the most misunderstood concepts amongst us.

What is the definition of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is about liberation. It liberates our psyche and our soul from the pain of attachment, and it liberates the psyche and soul of others who may have been consciously or unconsciously involved in our pain. It is unconditional: it requires no response from another so it can be done in isolation.

You will know when you have forgiven someone unconditionally because you cannot mistake the feeling of liberation, freedom and non-attachment. In order to heal, we must learn to forgive. Peace cannot exist in the absence of true forgiveness. It is key to healing your life.

Ask yourself, who in your life do you need to forgive?

Universal Service – Are you sharing your wisdom?

Soulful people know and live the concept of universal service. They know how to “pay it forward”. They know that we are connected with all of life and that the act of one influences the whole. They use their body, mind and soul to give back to society, they allow all their life experience and wisdom flow through them in service to others, with the intention that they will in turn benefit as they form part of the whole.

What is universal service?

Universal service is based on the idea that we are all here to help each other progress through life. It refers to Karma, where each action has an equal and opposite reaction. We all live by these principles whether we realise it or not. Universal service is about giving without expecting to receive anything in return. Giving of ourselves without conditions is the goal.

To live in universal service means living consciously with a purpose to positively influence all humankind and our environment. As you become aware that your actions impact the world around you, you will find that your life will become enriched in unexpected ways. It is the universe’s way of saying thank you.

Wisdom – Where does your wisdom come from?

Wisdom is the product of knowledge and experience. You cannot have wisdom without experience or without knowledge. Which is why we become older and wiser. However…

How wise we become with age is a matter of choice. If we choose to live consciously – consciously learn from our mistakes and choose to do better as a result – we develop wisdom at a greater rate than if we are unconsciously floating through life according to ‘the school of hard knocks’.

Soul wisdom refers to our existing wisdom that the soul has registered from other life situations. We can access our soul’s wisdom at any time. Our soul wisdom comes to us in the form of intuition. Intuition is a subtle form of communication from our souls telling us what serves us. That is, our soul knows and tells us what is in our best interests. Living consciously and developing your intuition will put you in touch with your soul wisdom.

How conscious are you? Do you consciously learn your life lessons?

The Soory Kriya Sacred Business Package







What do you get?

Training & Certification

Certification and sourcing of healers and experts in various fields of alternate medicine, and all other members of the organization.

Business Setup support

We'll help you set up your healing center and get it up and running, from start to finish.

Interior Design & Planning

Space plays a very important role in the act of healing, and we'll help you plan and design your healing space

Manuals & Marketing tools

Unless customers are aware of your products, they do not exist. We'll help you create the buzz you need to get started.

Branding & Identity

Packaging, branding, labels, stationary, and everything in between. Healing starts with design.

Utilities & Supplies

We'll supply with the essential materials, oils, herbs and other resources you'll needt o begin healing

If you have the unique soul’s calling to become a Holistic Healer write to us.

If you are already a light-worker and healer and wish to be a part of SOORYA KRIYA team

feel free to contact our team and start the seeding of true abundance. 


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Meeting Hours

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I Believe Business Can Be Sacred

Hello Sacred Entrepreneur, I’m Dhyanayogi Shiva

If you’re like me, you’re a holistic healer and leader, looking for ways to build a sacred business that gives you the freedom to travel, teach, support your community, and spend time in nature, to contribute to an enlightened planet EARTH – healthy people, environment, relationships, and a healthy livelihood.

In fact if you explore what sacred enterpreunership is about,  you’ll discover that:

  • You can create money FLOW and let it flow in and out of your life with ease.
  • You have the POWER to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Your business is a VEHICLE to express your unique wisdom through which you can create massive CHANGE, and inspire and heal others on their path.