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Sooryakriya is a tool of rediscovery. Using a blend of meditation, kundalini-awakening techniques, breathing exercises and sacred mandala dance movements of shamanic India, it manifests the clearing of energy channels or chakras in ones body, mind and soul.

By increasingthe awareness of the present moment, meditation reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and enhances personal and spiritual growth.

Breathing is cleansing, conductive, calming, centering and connective to ones true self. Reconnect with the true power of your breath and redefine life itself.

The presence of dance and movement in nature inspires us to move and therefore shift our understanding of the true self. Dance, and witness the magic.

Who am I?

Throughout existence, man has time and again found himself asking a question that when the found the answer to, changes the very course of the human experience.

The calling of ones true self is a powerful gut feeling, which requires you to take action.

In the process of seeking the answer, one learns to understand and appreciate the difference of the one you truly are, and the one you project yourself to be.

Sooryakriya is thus a tool that would enable you to find this answer, and allow the realization to flow through your everyday life.

Effects of Sooryakriya

Happier and healthier well-being
Increased vitality and energy
Enriched living experience
Spiritual breakthrough

Masters of Sooryakriya

The Masters of Sooryakriya are beings of experience. Personally trained by Master Shiva Shivoham, these select few across the globe help spread the power of self-realization through Sooryakriya.

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We invite light workers across the world to join Master Shiva Shivoham and master the art of Sooryakriya to create an Awakened Planetary Civilization

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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

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